• Very interesting. Started by focusing on the goal, but then become aware of further dimensions. Collaborating, sharing and donating to achieve a wider goal for all. Thought-provoking and satisfying!  (J. B. /Social enterprise director, Liverpool, UK)

  • Surprisingly subtle on the messages. Didn’t push a false agenda. Would recommend to others. (M. J., Technical Principal, London, UK)

  • I enjoyed it and really appreciated the different layers of learning: personal, societal, factual, and inspirational. (J.W., Leadership Consultant, London, UK)

  • It’s important to set your own goal to achieve something, but I learned that we need to work together with someone in order to achieve it and it felt good to help each other to make the world a better place.” (T.K., ESG specialist, London, UK)

  • It was a great realization and understanding about the interconnection of the 17 goals and also the difficulties in achieving balance among the economic, environmental, and social aspects. (S.O., ESG associate, London, UK)

  • This is a powerful game as it changes your mindset within the game that extends into great conversations after the game. (Martin Gordon, Creative Consultant, London, UK)

  • Very interesting and collaborative. Raised my self-awareness and helped me understand the global situation in a practical way. Governments should play this! (H.B., Event duty manager, London, UK)

  • I knew a lot about SDGs already, but learned about the way people interact on projects and enjoyed learning how others were motivated to collaborate. (Social impact advisor, London, UK)

  • I used to feel that my job was not actually focusing on sustainability, though I was moved by Unilever’s approach to the environment. After experiencing what I could do by 2030, I would like to take action, making the most of the limited time that I have. (Employee at Unilever, Tokyo Japan)

  • Very experiential indeed. Like a life experience from A to Z condensed into one hour. (L.C., Telecom manager, London, UK)


  • A truly excellent game. Experiencing the game was a good opportunity for us to think about the future. (Shinobu Yamaguchi/Deputy Director of Global Issues Cooperation Division,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

  • I was able to understand the necessity and value of the SDGs very easily and quickly—I thought I knew this already, but was surprised to discover that I actually had not understood at all. (Officer at Yokohama City office, Japan)

  • I enjoyed myself and learned a lot. I was happy to see many recent case studies presented during the training, and I was glad that the case studies are regularly updated. (Officer at Yokohama City office, Japan)

  • It was an amazing experience that allowed me to feel connected to the SDGs. Since the goal of this training was “experiencing togetherness,” I think it would be good if we can have more trainings to take this even further: for instance, incorporating the goals into policies and projects, or using the SDGs as criteria for framing new ideas or evaluating measures! (Officer at Yokohama City office, Japan)

  • As I began to see the environment or the world as my neighborhood, I found my thoughts and behaviors also started to change. (Local government officer, Japan)

  • It is just a game, but it made me think and learn a lot. I was feeling a kind of solidarity among us, all players, although I did not talk with everyone directly. Someone said, “we shared a sense of sharing the earth together” and that was exactly how I felt. (Local government officer, Japan)


  • I hope this workshop could be organized not just in Japan, but worldwide! (International student at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan)

  • The best thing about this game is that it is kind of a simplified real world, by which we get to know what’s going on around us. (Z.F., International student at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan)

  • It was enlightening. I got to learn more about the SDGs and realized that it takes everyone to change the world but the change can start with you! (Z.S., International student at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan)

  • I had an opportunity to think about my life and the earth. (Elementary school student in Japan)

  • I thought that SDGs represents a result of the failures of the human beings.(Elementary school student in Japan)

  • It reminded me the importance of collaboration and partnership. (High school student in Japan)