Thank you for your interest in becoming a facilitator of Imacocollabo’s 2030 SDGs Game.
Below you will find the concepts, ideas and intentions behind the game. We hope you will join us in exploring these more through dialogue in the upcoming training.


Many of the games that are commonly marketed as card or board games have clear rules and can maintain a minimum level of functionality no matter how you navigate through them.

In contrast, although 2030SDGs is a card game, it is essentially a simulation game that can change infinitely depending on the decisions, actions and involvement of the participants. It can therefore be a different game depending on the facilitation approach.

For example, if the ‘game world’ and the ‘real world’ can be linked well, it can lead to deep reflection, and conversely, if the ‘game world’ and the ‘real world’ cannot be linked well, the game itself may not work.

This is why we offer a facilitator training to ensure that the certified facilitators can offer the deep game experience. By experiencing the games through a certified facilitator, participants can experience the full power of the games as they were originally designed to be played.


Want to join a growing number of change agents (aka game facilitators) who are transforming the world, one game at a time?

By becoming a certified 2030 SDGs Game facilitator you can offer impactful simulations that invite people to explore the world and themselves. Game facilitators are trained and equipped to lead quality experiences and deep reflections, providing space for powerful ‘aha’ moments to emerge.


The 2030 SDGs Game facilitator training is hybrid, comprising both in-person and online elements, supported by self study and practice. During the facilitator training you will explore core concepts and principles behind the game experience, practice techniques and skills for masterful facilitating, and experience Imacocollabo’s co-creative community spirit.

The in-person training is 2.5 days long and includes both ‘Doing’ topics (Technique) and ‘Being’ topics (Presence).


“DOING” TOPICS (Technique) “BEING” TOPICS (Presence)
  • Key points for game instruction
  • Card handling
  • Feedback and quality assurance on delivery of instructions
  • Key concepts behind game design
  • Designing and facilitating reflection activities
  • Cultivating facilitator presence and neutrality

Following the in-person training there is a period of self-study which is concluded with an online assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment, facilitators are certified and are authorized to hold in-person game workshops, and welcomed into our facilitator community.


The timetable below is an example. Details may vary depending on the organiser and the host country.

Date Purpose Format
Day 1 Welcome, training kickoff and opportunity to play the 2030SDGs Game all together In-person
Day 2 SDG Game Fundamentals – Day 1 In-person
Day 3 SDG Game Fundamentals – Day 2 In-person
1-2 weeks Self study, practice and preparation for the Assessment Not applicable
Assessment Assessment will take place in either the morning or afternoon, each trainee will attend one assessment slot, maximum 5 trainee facilitators per assessment slot On-line



To reach people in different parts of the world and enable the 2030 SDGs game to scale globally, Imacocollabo works in collaboration with master trainers who possess extensive experience with the game as well as expertise in their regions.

Upcoming trainings

  • Tokyo, Japan (Japanese)
    29 – 30 July, 5 August, 2024
    organized by Imacocollabo
  • Sydney, Australia (English)
    26 – 28 September, 2024
    organized by Aya Matsuyama
  • Manchester, United Kingdom (English)
    Early November TBD, 2024
    organized by Alice Richard
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand (English)
    3 – 5 December, 2024
    organized by David Ross Nevin
  • Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese)
    9-12 January, 2025
    organized by CP Yen Foundation
  • Geneva, Switzerland (English)
    28 – 30 March, 2025
    organized by Alice Richard

To register your interest and receive information about future trainings please register here.