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Bringing the 2030 SDGs game to Switzerland!

At the end of May 2019 the 2030 SDGs Game was played in Switzerland for the first time. And it wasn’t just played once….. in a marathon 48 hours, four games were played across three venues by 200 participants with over 50 nationalities represented!


Starting with a lively public game at the SDG Solution Space in Geneva, followed by two ‘competitive’ parallel world games with 14 – 16 year olds at the Le Rosey International School and concluding at UNITAR – the United Nations Institute for Training and Research discussing the game as a transformative learning experience.


With such a diverse and global group of participants, the launch in Switzerland clearly demonstrated how the 2030 SDGs Game translates very effectively across different settings and with different audiences – community, school and business – and has the power to drive deep reflections from the participants.



Here’s what some of the participants said after playing the game:

“I found the 2030 SDGs Game a very insightful and practical way to discover the SDG landscape, and I really appreciated how the connectivity of the SDGs is brought to life.’’
Masters Student in Innovation, Human development and Sustainability at the University of Geneva

“The 2030 SDG Game was a great interactive and fun way to get students to understand how the SDGs are linked to the health of our economy, environment and society. The key take-away for students reflecting on their learning experience playing the game was the need for collaboration and a shared vision for the SDGs to be successful.’’
Academic Dean, Le Rosey International School

“Our mindset has to change if we want to have a sustainable planet for the future generations. The 2030 SDGs Game is an easy way to get into the Sustainable Development Goals and understand the impact our own behaviour has on reaching the goals.’’
Agile Coach and Trainer, Geneva

“Playing the SDGs game I realized how much the SDGs are interconnected and can only be achieved in a collective effort. While we all pursue our personal goals, we sometimes have to take a break and look again at the big picture.”
Programme Officer, United Nations Institute for Training and Research


The 2030 SDGs Game is expanding globally and we now have certified facilitators in more than 12 counties.

Whether you are in Switzerland or elsewhere in the world …. if you would like to experience the game in your community, school or business please check our events page for games being played near you, or send us a request and we will put you in contact with a 2030 SDGs Game facilitator in your region.


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