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Online Game Experiment with Erasmus+ × MDF × Imacocollabo

2030 SDGs Game Online version 2nd Edition reached out to Erasmus+ 
(24th Nov. 2020)

Imacocollabo Experiments Continued.

As you know, we at Imacocollabo, we have been developing the next edition of the 2030 SDGs Game online version after the first prototype. To keep our energy flowing and keep us connected with the outside world, we have run a few more online experiments with first-time players since this one in Spain.

On November 24th, a group of six members of Erasmus+ experienced the 2030 SDGs Online Game – 2nd edition – fresh-from-the-oven. Although this version of the game was ready only a day before the scheduled session, however, we all took a chance, Sam from MDF, Bas from Erasmus+, Hithoshi from Polyrhythm Inc. and Aya from Imacocollabo. The flow of energy and excitement was simply too powerful to be held back.

Gratefully, the online game provided an opportunity for those six players to experience the field of discovery. For instance, the participants shared that their prejudice towards economic development was being challenged. Please see below for more feedback.

Participants’ feedback

Personally I also found it interesting to notice the difficulty in your personal preference and your game goal. Because I was chasing wealth while damaging the environment would not be my normal behaviour 😉 “(Monique)

It was fun. In the beginning I had to figure out how things worked, but later on it became clearer.” (Pascale)

“I really enjoyed the game! It was very good to see how important collaboration and negotiation is in order to achieve goals. Sometimes it is difficult to balance your own goals and the goals of the world.” (Siena)

“Looking at our reports I guess we initially all focussed on our own goals, running our own projects. Then the world almost collapsed and we felt the urgency to work together and share our resources 🙂 So, that’s a nice metaphor for the real world. Partnerships are crucial.” (Monique)

“Things went better after we started communicating openly with everyone!” (Marijn)

“The fact that you cannot only pursue a goal like social cohesion, but that it is recognition of the intersectionality of SDG’s and goals that make progress possible.” (Bas)

“In the real world, I am not really good at business and that came out in the game. Need the second chance!” (Petra)

What’s next?

We still have a few more steps to complete our development on the next edition of the online game. Once that is ready, we will start organising online game events. The details will be shared here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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